Adapt Northern Heritage

Adapt Northern Heritage is a project supporting communities and local authorities to adapt northern cultural heritage to the environmental impacts of climate change and associated natural hazards through community engagement and informed conservation planning. Running from June 2017 to May 2020, the project involves four Project Partners and eleven Associated Partners from Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Russia, Scotland and Sweden and is supported by Iceland, Norway and the European Union through the Interreg programme for the Northern Periphery and Arctic.

The Project Partners, Historic Environment Scotland, Minjastofnun ├Źslands (the Cultural Heritage Agency of Iceland), the Norsk institutt for kulturminneforskning (Norwegian Insitute for Cultural Heritage Research) and Riksantikvaren (Norway's Directorate for Cultural Heritage), will develop a risk and vulnerability assessment method for historic places and associated guidance for their adaptation, trial and demonstrate this method in eleven case studies and initiate a community network for interdisciplinary learning, knowledge exchange and stakeholder networking.


Carsten Hermann
Historic Environment Scotland

In its first project newsletter, emailed on 20 December 2017, we introduce the project and give an overview about what we have been up to so far and...

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